Characterization and Modeling of SOI RF integrated components

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The boom of mobile communications leads to an increasing request of low cost and low power mixed mode integrated circuits. Maturity of SOI technology, and recent progresses of MOSFET's microwave performances, explain the success of silicon as compared to III-V technologies for low-cost multigigahertz analog applications. The design of efficient circuits requires accurate, wide-band models for both active and passive elements. Within this frame, passive and active components fabricated in SOI technologies have been studied. Various topologies of integrated transmission lines, like Coplanar Waveguides or thin film microstrip lines, have been analyzed. Also, a new physical model of integrated inductors has been developed. This model, based on a coupled line analysis of square spiral inductors, is scalable and independent of the technology used. Inductors with various spacing between strips, conductor widths, or number of turns can be simulated on different multi-layered substrates. Each layer that composes the substrate is defined using its electrical properties (permittivity, permeability, conductivity).
The performances of integrated sub-micron MOSFETs are analyzed. New alternative structures of transistor (the Graded Channel MOSFET and the Dynamic Threshold MOSFET) are proposed to increase the performances of a CMOS technology for for analog, low power, low voltage, and microwave applications. They are studied from Low to High frequency.
The graded channel MOSFET is an asymmetric doped channel MOSFET's which bring solutions for the problems of premature drain break-down, hot carrier effects, and threshold voltage (Vth) roll-off issues in deep submicrometer devices. The GCMOS processing is fully compatible with the conventional SOI MOSFET process flow, with no additional steps needed. The dynamic threshold voltage MOS is a MOS transistor for which the gate and the body channel are tied together. All DTMOS electrical properties can be deduced from standard MOS theory by introducing Vbs = Vgs. The main advantage of DTMOS over conventional MOS is its higher drive current at low bias conditions. To keep the body to source current as low as possible, the body bias voltage must be kept lower than 0.7 V. It seems obvious that the DTMOS transistor is an attractive component for low voltage applications.

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