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Artificial Intelligence Demystified
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Anyone who thinks artificial intelligence (AI) doesn't really concern us yet is wrong. AI is no longer a matter for futuristic science fiction films or hip technology fairs. It is now everywhere in your life.

That personalised advertising folder from the supermarket with offers "especially for you"? AI.

The songs suggested for you on Spotify? AI.

The self-regulating traffic lights on the corner of your street? AI.

It is undeniable that AI is entering our lives at a dizzying speed. It is now part of our every-day world, and also penetrating business sectors everywhere. This raises many ques-tions. What can AI do? What can it not do? To what extent is AI really intelligent and how far does it add value to our lives?

AI expert Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere has been closely involved in the developments in this fascinating world for many years. In this book, she explains the basic concepts of artificial intelligence in an accessible and transparent way. She discusses the many opportunities that AI offers, but does not neglect the risks. De Ketelaere takes you beyond the hype, allowing you to participate in this fascinating debate in an informed manner.

One truth is clear: AI is already important, and it will be crucial for our future.

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Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere,
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Sciences appliquées > Informatique > Informatique et entreprise
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Sciences économiques et sociales > Communication et média > Technologies de l'information et de la communication
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Sciences appliquées > Informatique
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(06) Career and Technical Education
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3193 INFORMATIQUE > 3194 Théorie > 3213 Informatique d'entreprise > 3251 Données et Bases de données
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02 mai 2021
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Mens versus machine
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Artificiële intelligentie ontrafeld
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02 mai 2021
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