Adverbials in Use

From Predicative to Discourse Functions
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Contributions in this volume will lead to a better understanding of the complex interplay of competing motivations affecting the use of adverbials in... Lire la suite

This volume provides a broad overview of the question of adverbials at the syntax/discourse interface, covering a variety of different languages – French, English, German, Norwegian and Finnish – and using different frameworks such as Cognitive Grammar, Constructional Grammar, Grammaticalization Theory, experimental approaches and formal approaches developed in Segmented Discourse Representation Theory (SDRT). It offers a rich insight into the functions linked to adverbial positioning. One of the main claims defended in this book is that the initial position itself plays a specific role in discourse cohesion.
At issue is the grammaticalization of this initial position, seen as a privileged locus for categorical changes and for the emergence of various discourse functions of adverbials such as discourse markers, connectives and framing adverbials.
It is hoped that contributions in this volume will lead to a better understanding of the complex interplay of competing motivations affecting the use of adverbials in discourse.

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Presses universitaires de Louvain
Laure Sarda, Shirley Carter-Thomas, Benjamin Fagard, Michel Charolles,
Corpora and Language in Use
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LAN009000 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics > LAN009060 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / Syntax
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06 Professionnel et académique
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3146 Lettres et Sciences du langage > 3150 Morphologie et syntaxe
Date de première publication du titre
14 octobre 2014

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Date de publication
14 octobre 2014
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 324
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Version 2.1, Version 3


Date de publication
14 octobre 2014
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 324
Code interne
Version 2.1, Version 3

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1. Adverbials: from predicative to discourse functions
Laure Sarda, Shirley Carter-Thomas, BenjaminFagard & Michel Charolles
I. Lexicalization and subjectification: adverbials inthe predicate zone
2. A paradoxical case of locative inversion in French
Catherine Fuchs
3. Path settings: How dynamic conceptualizationpermits the use of path expressions as settingadverbials
Tuomas Huumo
II. Initial positioning and text organization: a focuson indexing strategies
4. Sentence-initial adverbials in written texts: Ondiscourse functions and cognitive motivations
Tuija Virtanen
5. The positioning of adverbials: discourse functionreconsidered
Peter Crompton
6. Sentence-initial adverbials and text comprehension
Yves Bestgen & Sophie Piérard
III. From adverbials to discourse (structure)markers: which grammaticalization path?
7. The French adverbial dans un premier temps andDiscourse Relations: From Elaboration to Contrast
Myriam Bras & Catherine Schnedecker
8.From local adverbials to discourse markers: Threecase studies in the diachrony of French
Benjamin Fagard & Laure Sarda
9. Word order and the development of connectivemarkers in English
Diana Lewis
IV. Translation perspectives on adverbial clausepositioning
10. Discourse role guiding clause type and position intranslation
Bergljot Behrens & Kåre Solfjeld
11. Discourse-coordinating or discoursesubordinating?The discourse function of clauserelatedrelative clauses in a translation perspective
Wiebke Ramm