Current Approaches and New Perspectives in Aegean Iconography

Edited by Fritz Blakolmer

The aim of this volume is to present an overview of current trends and individual methodological attempts towards arriving at an adequate understanding of Minoan, Cycladic, and Mycenaean iconography. Read More

In the archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age our approaches and methods of analysing and interpreting pictorial images have changed throughout recent decades, and the questions we pose to the iconographic material have increased in complexity. As a consequence, the aim of this volume is to present an overview of current trends and individual methodological attempts towards arriving at an adequate understanding of Minoan, Cycladic, and Mycenaean iconography. Scholars active in this field of research have each contributed an article on a specific artistic object, an individual image, or a group of artefacts and their iconography, in order to illustrate the methodology they use in dealing with Aegean images and their wider context. The focus lies on the presentation of new, previously unpublished or neglected material from recent or old excavations, new reconstructions and interpretations of long-known artistic objects as well as superordinate pictorial subjects. The contributions focus on prominent artistic media such as seal images (on seals, signet-rings, and sealings) and mural paintings yet also include other artistic genera such as metal inlay work, relief images, pictorial pottery, and terracotta fi gurines. This collection of 18 case studies provides a representative crosssection that portrays up-to-date research on analysing and interpreting the iconography of the Aegean Bronze Age. This volume therefore makes visible current scholarly approaches and simultaneously provides new perspectives into Aegean iconography.

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Fritz Blakolmer
The "Brilliant Child Prodigy" of the Eastern Mediterranean. An Introduction 9
Janice L. Crowley
Reading the Phaistos Sealings: Taking the Textbook Approach of Iconographic Analysis 19
Fritz Blakolmer
At the Dawn of Minoan Iconography: The 'Archivio di cretule' at MM II B Phaistos 47
John G. Younger
Narrative in Aegean Art: A Methodology of Identification and Interpretation 71
Pietro Militello
Minoan Religious Architecture: Representation and Reality 87
Giorgos Rethemiotakis
Tylissians and Knossians: An Interactive Relationship. New Evidence on the
Miniature Wall Paintings from Tylissos 117
Ute Günkel-Maschek
A Lost Ritual Space in the Palace at Knossos: Re-contextualising the Fresco of
the ‘Dancing Lady’ 147
Lyvia Morgan
Part of the Puzzle: Reconstituting Meaning in a Painted Plaster Fragment from Kea 177
Nanno Marinatos
A Minoan Riddle: Suggestions about the Religious Standard on a Fresco from
Xeste 4, Akrotiri 191
Veronika Dubcová
Bird-demons in the Aegean Bronze Age: Their Nature and Relationship to Egypt
and the Near East 205
Andreas G. Vlachopoulos
The Ring of Nestor and the Quest for Authenticity 223
Olga Krzyszkowska
Changing Views of Style and Iconography in Aegean Glyptic: A Case Study from
the Cabinet des Médailles in Paris 253
Irene Nikolakopoulou
Minoan and Minoanising Imagery: Myths and Realities 273
Sharon R. Stocker & Jack L. Davis
An Early Mycenaean Wanax at Pylos? On Genii and Sun-Disks from the Grave
of the Griffin Warrior 293
Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki
A Stag’s Head Rhyton from Pylos. The Minoan Connection and the Mainland Spirit 301
Evangelia Tsangaraki
Seal Iconography to the North of the Mycenaean World: LH III Seals from
Mt Olympus, Pieria 319
Irini Papageorgiou
Dismounting Riders? Reconsidering Two Late Bronze Age Rider Scenes 349
Anne P. Chapin
Iconography in Context: The Visual Elements of Aegean Art 369
Diamantis Panagiotopoulos
The ‘Death of the Painter’. Towards a Radical Archaeology of (Minoan) Images 385
Biographies of the Contributors 407